Our History

Creating the first designs over 16 years ago in High School the founder quickly fell into the world of Graphic Design & Marketing and really noticed when the Social Network boom took over with Myspace and the designs being made were some of the most sought after not only locally in the High Desert markets but from budding companies across the social network universe! Some of the first were designs for Clothing Companies & Celebrities on Myspace such as Tila Tequila, Adema, No Fear and ther brands like Rockstar Energy and So Cal/No Fear which became an istant hit and quickly thereafter began learning how to develop custom html fanpages pages and website layouts for all of the new clients!

This rapid growth quickly reached the publics eye for mainstream business owners who became iterested in the design work! This is also what started move into the entertainment and music industry aspect with bands, artists and event companies and how it sparked the realization that both of the Business & Entertainment worlds actually collide and today has helped form our exclusive Marketing Network built around helping with Strategic Brand Placement and gainging recognition!